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Mission and Vision

The Alan Dawley Center for the Study of Social Justice (ADCSSJ) is named for the eminent historian, Professor Alan Dawley, who was its founding director. The purpose of the ADCSSJ is to produce and disseminate knowledge about social injustice and its redress. It promotes the interdisciplinary study of any aspect of society where disparities of wealth, power, and privilege contradict ethical precepts. Through forums, symposiums, public lectures, film festivals, course work, campus-wide learning communities, community engagement, and other initiatives, the ADCSSJ strives to create an intellectual space dedicated to the study and practice of social justice for TCNJ and the surrounding community.

Recent News & Events

The Economic, Social and Health Impacts of Pineapple Production in Costa Rica

Monday, Sept. 16, 2019 • 5:00 pm • Education Building 212

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Celebrating our award and scholarship recipients at COSA 2019:

Christopher Loos, recipient of Mort Winston Scholarship for Study Abroad this year, presented his study abroad experience in Peru at the Celebration of Student Achievement on May 8. 

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